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"The saddest words of tongue or pen are these four words, 'It Might Have Been.'"

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

This is my poetry page. Like I said on the home page, read this with an open mind. Don't try to analyze any of it either, you may hurt yourself...

Oh ya, copy any of it and I hope your conscience eats you alive.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Here's a few poems...

I spend all my time hoping

That you'll find another way

And that you won't shut me up

Because I've got a lot to say.

You live to be happy all the time,

You overlook what's there.

I wish I had more time,

Life's too short not to care.

Wasting away on detachment

And you think it don't apply,

Only when you apply yourself,

You'll be able to see the lies.

Keep your life focused

And try to do what's right.

Cherish what God gives you,

Don't go without a fight.

~Amanda Ann Lockwood


I stretch my mind across the space,

Which keeps us both apart.

I try to kiss your lovely face,

With all the strength within my heart.

And when, at last, I do succeed,

I  feel contentment deep.

I bask in the triumph of my deed,

Then gently fall asleep.

~Amanda Ann Lockwood


Forsake me for another, why?

How could you, thus, our love deny?

How could you break my heart this way?

How could you throw our love away?

How could you lead me on so long,

Proclaiming that your love was strong?

How could you turn your back on me?

How could your love so shallow be?

Make my heart, in anguish, cry,

For having fallen for a lie.

~Amanda Ann Lockwood

Just take me as I am

Cause I won't change for you

I used to play the part so well

But now to myself I must be true

I lived a lie, I was someone else

You made me feel so small

I wonder who I used to be

I don't remember much at all

You made me who you wanted

And then threw me away

I let you take my identity

I let you take, my heart.

~Amanda Ann Lockwood

You can see my tear,

As it flows down clear,

It trickles down my skin.

It's liquid pain,

From a world insane,

Oh, God, please let me in.

Lying here in bed,

Wishing I was dead,

I cry myself to sleep.

I want again to love,

please help me from above,

I fear I've fallen too deep...

         Can you save me here?

~Amanda Ann Lockwood

Amanda Ann Lockwood.
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