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These are some things I will talk about...

My Religion (WooHoo!)
Guys (I have to, hehe)
The Navy...
Britney Spears...



I'm a Missionary Baptist, was born one, will die one. First time I went to church I was 6 weeks old. Never took one of those forever long "breaks" people take. I've always gone. Church and my religion are main parts of my life... Here's a link to my church's website, tells about my church and what I believe and everything...



So, that's the cutest guy ever... 

Lance Bass from *N Sync in case you are clueless...

So, I don't know exactly what I wanted to put here. Guys are jerks? I wish I could say that... well, most guys are jerks. That's the truth. 

Guys seem to try to hard to be like each other, or better than each other. It is so annoying. Half the guys I know would probably be pretty cool if they weren't trying to be just like their best friend. Ugh!

I guess I should do the cheesy thing and say what I like in a guy. First of all at least has to believe in God. No Anti-Christ Superstars for me, thank you very much! He HAS to be smart. Know what he wants to do with his life, or at least be having fun trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Someone who is not conceited. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT! Hmmm... caring, nice, honest (haven't found one of those yet), responsible... you know, all those things every one else wants too. =) Has to be able to have fun, has to like Britney Spears. Heehee. Oh ya, and being cute doesn't hurt much either....



Why do I care about the Navy? Cause I'm in the Navy!!!

Go Navy, Go Navy, Go Navy... uhm anyways...

I am a US Navy Hospital Corpsman stationed at Naval Medical Center San Diego, I work in the Gastroenterology Clinic. Oh boy! If you don't know what that is it has to do with your colon and your stomach... You know acid reflux, irritable bowl syndrome... Aahhhh, now you get it. Lucky me huh?

I have been in the Navy a little over two years now. I love it. I joined the Navy because, well, I didn't want to go to college yet and I had to do something right? I like the Navy though, I have learned a lot and have fun doing what I do, so hey? I would recommend the Navy to anyone... In fact I think everyone should have to join some branch of the military for at least 3 years. Teaches you to grow up, respect too. I know too many 30+ year olds with a total lack of respect and/or maturity, they NEED THE MILITARY. Heehee... anyways... *steps off of her soap box*



I don't really have anything special to say... What page is this? Oh my beliefs page.

I believe everyone should leave Britney alone and quit making stupid tabloid crap about her. Ya that's what I believe!!

And who cares if she has fake breasts!! Not me!!

Grow up, get a life, and love Britney, like those of us who are smart. Heehee.


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